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  • Boost your immune system and fight off colds, flus and diseases effectively!
  • Increase your metabolism, and kick start your weight loss journey!
  • Crush fatigue and feel wonderfully energetic all day, every day!
  • Replenish your skin and get that healthy, sexy glow that everyone will notice!

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We help the modern man and women instantly improve their health & well-being in the most natural way possible through our Purify detox and nutrition programmes...

Bridgit Smith, Founder of Purify Health

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Let colonic hydrotherapy blast you out of fatigue and into an empowered, energetic you. Here's what it's all about: As you cleanse your body, you get rid off toxins and emotions you've built up over the years. These culprits are the cause of digestive, weight and chronic health issues! So, once you've 'emptied out' all the causes, you'll feel cleaner, lighter, less bloated, and full of life! Kick-start a healthier lifestyle now...

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We've combined all our treatments into mega-valuable, super discounted bundles, so that you can reach your health goals twice as fast, and at almost half the price! These package deals are tailored to help you to explode your health and wellbeing to a new level. Click on the button below to find out what is included in our special packages such asThe Perfect Trio, The Super Six Cleanse, and The Ultimate Replenish bundle.

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Infrared Sauna therapy is your 'time machine' that'll make you feel 10 years younger again! As the “deep heat” sinks into your skin and muscles...it releases toxins and other chemicals from within! This invigorates you completely and transforms the quality of your health in as little as 30 minutes a day! Come and discover how you can sweat up to 7 times more toxins while sitting down, by simply clicking the button below...

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What Other Clients Are Saying:

Bridgit is simply one of the best in the world! If there’s someone who knows about great colonic therapists, it’s me! I’ve had regular treatments since 2007, and have had my fair share of mediocre and money wasting therapists around the world. Bridgit is easy going, professional and an expert in detoxing. You won’t regret paying her for a colonic.

- Sonia, Client

I always feel really good after the infrared sauna. It allows me to sweat much more than usually. I feel great after the treatment. I am really happy that I have found such a lovely place for it!

- Ela, Client

There is no one better in London than Bridgit and Purify Health! I have been going to Bridgit for colonic irrigation for nearly a year now and the change to my life has been dramatic. My energy levels have increased, my complexion has improved vastly, and I have lost weight. In addition my digestive problems have been eradicated. I have never been happier.

- Victoria, Client